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BlogMantilla veils are highly favoured by royalty as well as many brides all over the world. The beautiful Kate Middleton wore a stunning silk tulle mantilla veil on her wedding day. It was the perfect compliment to her elegant silk and lace wedding dress.

Mantilla veils feature lovely lace edgings or lace decoration. With a mantilla veil, you can really transform your look as a bride by adding sophistication and romance to your wedding dress.



There are several styles of mantilla veils:

Single Tier, Oval Cut Mantilla veil: This type of mantilla veil is designed to be worn at the top of the head, or slightly further back. There are no gathers at the top, so it gives a clean finish around the head.

The lace goes all the way around the edges of the veil, which looks simply beautiful.

The veil can be fingertip length, chapel length or longer, depending on the look you would like and what suits your wedding gown.

For example, see our very stylish Jacqueline Mantilla Veil and Stephanie Mantilla Veil. (link to these veils on

Two Tier or Cascading Mantilla veil: This type of mantilla veil has two tiers so that it can be worn over the face, if desired. The lace is on both tiers of the veil, which can be fingertip, floor, chapel length or longer.

For example, see our stunning Carolyn Mantilla Veil and Chantelle Mantilla Veil. (links)

Drop Mantilla veil: This type of mantilla veil is circle cut with two tiers and has no gathers at the comb. This is the sheerest look when the veil is worn over the face. For example, have a look at our Priscilla Drop Mantilla Veil. (link)

In choosing a mantilla veil, the key is ensuring that the lace will match or work with your wedding dress.

A mantilla veil can look fabulous with a lace wedding dress, provided the laces compliment each other. In addition, a mantilla veil can really transform a simple wedding dress by adding the beauty of lace to the bride’s look.

We make mantilla veils in many lengths and use several kinds of lace edgings, predominantly French and English laces, trims and embellishments.

Whatever your style, we can custom make the perfect Mantilla Veil for you!

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